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stephen-di-donato-119064I’m considered one of the lucky ones. I discovered my strength at a young age. I know that being strong doesn’t come easy for everyone. My ability to be strong and resilient is a direct link to my purpose. Being supportive, giving, and full of energy is something that comes naturally to me.

We CAN support and encourage one another on our respective journeys. However, real change comes from within.

The truth is people CAN’T “BE” changed. However, people can change. Individuals can BE inspired to change. Individuals can BE encouraged to change.

About two years ago I walked away from my job as an academic counselor. I didn’t have a plan A or B (now I Plan & Prepare for everything). I realized I wasn’t cut out for that particular job. My strength isn’t coddling those that weren’t ready for to achieve their as h andl

During my sabbatical I found myself. I spent time self-reflecting. I analyzed my natural talents. I became aware of things that brought me joy, success, and positive energy.

I realized that I am a CREATOR. I CREATE environments. I CREATE connections. I CREATE experiences.

In addition to providing “support” for those that ARE ready to Create The Life They Want. People need spaces to BE. omar-lopez-296944

Especially women. Women are EVERYTHING! Women are caregivers, breadwinners, mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, friends, CEO’s, and much more. The world wouldn’t run without women.


Problems arise when women are judged, criticized, overworked, and scrutinized.  The LOUNGE is the ANSWER.

Habits & Lifestyles: The LOUNGE is a pop-up inclusive, yet exclusive women’s club that provides space for women to “BE.” Our Healthy space is a safe space for women. The LOUNGE provides a community of sisterhood along with other perks. A real “Urban Family.”





The LOUNGE: space for women to “BE.” Be restful, be ourselves, be supportive, be peaceful, be smart, be celebratory, BE whatever we want to BE.

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